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Advice for choosing a product name


Often times I deal with individuals who are  introducing a new product and they are excited they have a great product name in mind!  Nothing takes the shine off that excitement like learning that your great name you thought up is already registered with the USPTO or a domain name registrar, even though nothing notable may have come up in a general internet search.  The shine is really taken off if you have already spent money developing a logo or product packaging.  It does not always occur to these very enterprising individuals to do a USPTO or domain name search, and these are usually som

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Promoting thru Press Releases


Have a newsworthy event?  Want to create some BUZZ?  From something big that everybody should know about to news that might only be relevant to your community, the standard Press Release is the way to submit it to media organizations for their consideration.  It could be any media...

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Ways to promoting your products online thru chat forums


Most of the small business clients using COR Services have something in common — the obsession with seeking out how to promote your products and web site online (Obsession is a good characteristic here because it is a driving motivating force).  One such client brought a product to market and started down the journey of striving to "get it out there". 

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Hot Searches, Keywords and Trends


Don't you wish you could just go to a party and say stuff, leaving anybody within ear shot absolutely captivated in awe? 

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Windows Security Basics


Surprisingly, there are still a lot of computer users who don't put their computers security at the forefront of their computing habits.  Occasionally an event happens and their system becomes compromised.  Below are some free tools to help maintain your computers security or get you out of a pickle when you encounter a security event.

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