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Photographic touch-ups, alterations, or manipulations are helpful when you have a less-then-desirable photograph that you need to make a professional presentation.

Additionally, photo manipulation can help with visualization for potential clients - for instance... visualizing a product placement by inserting a product into an existing photographic stage, or a glimpse of a potential building face-lift. This pre-visualization technique can help suggest ownership and bring you closer to the final sale.


SAMPLE-1: In this example the unfinished tiled firepit was extracted from the source photo in a manufacturing warehouse.  The stucco texture was digitally added, a fire pit with flames was inserted, and it was finished with a drop shadow for an attractive marketing display.

Digital photo manipulation for manufactured product photographs

SAMPLE-5: In this example the client had a bad picture of the product and wanted a better sales photo.  The background setting was replace, including the see-through window area, to a country farm setting.  Additionally, the tractors cover color was changed as the new product line came with optional black color.

Product Photo Editing for tractor cover

SAMPLE-3: In this example the potential client supplied photographs of intended placement options for a hydrotherapy product - marked out in tape.  The product was digitally inserted as a visualization tool for the client during a benefactor presentation meeting.  Several views and placement options were mocked up to help the client with the final decision.  Due to the professionalism of the presentation the order was placed and eventually doubled!

Product placement photo manipulation for concepts and visualization Harvard Athletics Swimming

An exploded view taken from actual product photographs illustration the component assembly for manufacturing assembly and franchising proposals and documents.

An exploded view taken from actual product photographs illustration the component assembly.

SAMPLE-2: In this architectural facade face-lift example, the old green paint and architectural details were given a new color.  A brick skirt was added to the middle section, and brick facing to the end section. Balconies and rails were added to the windows.  Finally, the original plants were taken out and replaced with new plants and pots.  The resulting conceptualization gives the client an idea of the works outcome.

digitally enhanced architectural face-lift photo modification