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FLASH Animation

Flash Animation is fun and it gets your attention, but it's also an excellent way to interactively present your products, ideas, and services. Below is a simple demonstration of the power of Flash using our cogs example. It can do almost anything, and comes in a small file size. Flash rivals DHTML, HTML5 and a few other technologies in it's capability.  It's best to choose the right technology for the right task. Whole Web sites can be created in Flash, however, because Flash content cannot be "read" effectivly by search engines, it is recommended that Flash be used in a targeted way. Make sure you have the sound on to enjoy the full features of the below sample.

A Flash animation illustrating a Sulfuric Acid Recovery System.

<img alt="Sulfuric Acid Recovery and Roof Top Return for the Galvanizing Process at Scott Galvanizing Co. Seattle Washington." border="0" height="450" src="Sulfuric_Acid_Recovery.gif" width="600" />