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Many COR clients are fabricators, manufacturers, or businesses that find themselves in need of a CAD service for a certain project. Many of the 2D CAD projects are simple room plans for product placement, fabrication layouts, or blueprints. Often the 2D CAD drawing can be used as a basis to build a 3D model rendering for conceptualization. CAD services are one of the many creative services available to you at COR CREATIVE.

Note: CAD services are for small to mid-size products.  Architectural CAD and blueprints are not offered at this time


SAMPLE-1: A CAD drawing for product placement used in conjunction with the architects plans.

Product placement with CAD

SAMPLE-2: Room layout specifications to help the customer visualize product placement in their facility, and to aid in detecting any installation problems.


Room layout specifications to help the customer place the product in their facility

SAMPLE-3: Part fabrication plans.

Part fabrication plans.

SAMPLE-4: Measured/scaled CAD plan for product placement.

Measured and scaled CAD plan for product placement.